Monday, June 24, 2013

Refrigerant R-22 30lbs

Refrigerant R-22. This is the refrigerant we all talk about. We use it everywhere and it still is the most popular refrigerant out there unfortunately. This is one of the magical merchandises that can make or break your bank. Since it will be discontinued soon and there is still huge demand for it companies are trading this refrigerant like stocks in stock market. Its price literally went up 30-40% in one weekend's time and to a point that manufacturers are limiting or even cancelling orders in the beginning of 2013. Now that price has come down quite a bit this is the perfect time to stock up and wait for the next spike. It will definitely go up again the question is by how much since it will be phased out but the demand is still there. We have seen this item sells over $500 and now we are offering it at $399. We don't know when the next spike is but when it hits we hope you won't get caught without it again and we all know the clock is ticking with Refrigerant R-22.

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