Monday, July 8, 2013


Ever get tired or frustrated when brazing a connection that is just so hard to get to? Or just don't want to braze at all? Check out HVAC Super Pro. It is designed specially for HVAC Refrigeration connections. This stuff will make the connection fast and easy and handle the pressure just like or even better than brazing (brazing takes practice and you will fail many times before getting it right.) It is faster, easier, safer and cheaper. Just follow the in box direction and see for yourself! Made in USA. Guaranteed to work! HVAC SUPER PRO is compatible with all refrigerants and oils. HVAC SUPER PRO can be used with standard ANSI copper or brass fittings. There is no need for costly fittings, crimping tools, or crimps. Temperature range after cure: -65 to 350F (-54C to 176C). Maximum continuous pressure after cure: 1200psi. Works on all types of round copper, brass, and aluminum tubing (the tubing must be round and fit the connector properly at the bonding area). Fill space: 20 thousandths of an inch. Adherence Strength (ASTM 4541): Pull-apart: 1500 foot pounds on 3/4-inch tubing; Rotational: 450 foot pounds on 1/2-inch tubing. A HVAC SUPER PRO bond will come apart when heated above 450F. It is critical to sand the outside of the tubing and the inside of the fitting with 60-grit sanding cloth. 60-grit sanding cloth is included with each package of HVAC SUPER PRO. Using any sanding medium or a wire brush will result in an inferior bond, and nullifies all HVAC SUPER PRO warranties and guarantees.


Unknown said...

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